Welcome to LaLaguna Villas

Located on the shores of Small LaLaguna beach, on the tropical paradise island of Mindoro, LaLaguna Villas offers a very different level of accommodation.

Our superior standard of Villas will suit even the most discerning traveller. We offer a variety of rooms, ranging from our studios for the budget conscious up to our signature 'Penthouse' apartment.

Most of our rooms offer a delightful sea-view of one the most famous diving areas in the world. All our rooms are equipped with the latest facilities and amenities - truly a 'home away from home'.

We welcome you to the island of Mindoro which boasts a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere...from the white sand beaches and clear blue waters, and the fascinating view of the majestic mountains embellished with lush green forests...a most wondrous sight to behold.

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    in the Sabang area

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    Contact          Phone : +63 43 287 3696        Text :  +63 917 446 5722        Fax :  +63 2 857 2657        Email : info@lalagunavillas.com.ph